has reorganized in 2002 to combine the principles in an efficient administrative structure necessitated by growth and its experience, its accumulated know-how and the professional service acquired since 1989, when the activities of ODAK started in the contracting business of industrial plants. 

Expert professionals at technical positions, dynamic communication and the efficient administrative structure has been taken as base for the development of the new organisation and ODAK continues its activities in the fields of Contracting Business for the industrial plants and Fabrication & Marketing of industrial and marine products for the shipbuilding industries. 

Is to expand our privileged position in our fields of activity by completing significant projects requiring high and superior technological competency, engineering knowledge and experience, both at home and abroad.

Is to utilize the oppurtinities provided by the technology and accumulation of knowledge and fast, effective organizational skills gained since our activities had started.

Is to give priority to safety, environment and quality during the completion of our contracted works on time by employing well-trained and experienced professionals and following up all the technological developments in the sector with the appropriate organisation in our management and coordination in our works.

ODAK is giving service in every stage of the industrial plants construction.  

ODAK Construction and Installation Co., Ltd.
Turapoglu Sokak Sumko Sitesi A4 Blok D:14
Kozyatagi 34736 Istanbul TURKEY
TEL: +90 216 384 2733 pbx 
FAX:+90 216 384 2529