Our quality policy is to understand the expectations of our customers, to work to specifications and standards and to approach excellence. We based our policy on the following principles:

To aim excellence,

To provide services with trust to our most significant internal sources and employees,

To reach modern quality values and customer satisfaction in every stage of our production,

To work productively in order to add value,

To act according to the 'continuous improvement' principle, 

To be responsible for quality with all our management and  employees,

To increase our talents and understanding of quality by  training,

To encourage harmony, effectiveness and creativeness by  teamwork,

To provide services with respect to our special and environmental ethic values.

ODAK is giving service in every stage of the industrial plants construction.  

ODAK Construction and Installation Co., Ltd.
Turapoglu Sokak Sumko Sitesi A4 Blok D:14
Kozyatagi 34736 Istanbul TURKEY
TEL: +90 216 384 2733 pbx 
FAX:+90 216 384 2529