ACO MARINE’s unique ecological systems are used primarily in waste water technology, preparation and processing technology and safety and security technology in shipbuilding industry. The wide range of of products covers equipment from multi-purpose outlet bodies, pipe systems made from steel and high-grade steel, to grease seperators and waste water treatment plants 


ACO Maripur 
. Wastewater treatment systems for black and grey water 

ACO Lipator & Lipatomat 
. Manual and fully automatic grease seperator systems (also ACO Marine design and produces bioligical grease traps) 

ACO Pipe 
. Stainless steel Push-Fit piping systems 

ACO GM-X and GM-X-VACplus Pipe System 
. Steel socketed galvanized and internal coated pipe system 

ACO Scuppers and Channels 
. Drainage Systems and Scuppers for Shipbuilding and Offshore Installations 

ACO Vario Rail 
. Stainless steel handrails for cruise ships, mega yachts and ferries

ACO Special Solutions (as per Client's requirement) 
. Tailor-made stainless steel tanks and other structures for meeting shipbuilding industries requirement 

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ODAK is giving service in every stage of the industrial plants construction.  

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